Gallop Stable offers a full range of riding activities from lessons to joy rides and trail rides for all ages; tiny tots to adults.

We offer our riders a safe, supportive and encouraging environment to explore and further their passion in all aspects of horsemanship and riding.

Pony Trail Ride (3 years and above)

We encourage kids to start riding at a young age. For very young riders, this is a casual private session and a great introduction to ponies in a fun and safe environment.

Beginners (4 years and above)

For the beginner rider, we recommend a private or group lesson where you will learn the basic principles of riding such as leading your horse, mounting, the correct riding position, walking, trotting, stopping and safely dismounting. Up to preference, individuals who start with private lessons can move into a suitable group lesson once their basic riding skills are established.

Riding is a physically demanding sport and from our experiences, young riders and beginners seldom have enough strength, stamina and concentration required for longer lessons yet. Hence we recommend starting with shorter session and moving on to longer sessions as they progress. Progress will take time, and for confidence to develop, it is vital not to rush yourself or your child through the basic foundational levels.


For riders with some experience who are looking to further develop and build up their riding skills, we offer private and group lessons. If you’re considering novice riding lessons, you should have a strong foundation of basic riding skills and feel secure and confident in the saddle. In these lessons you will work on improving your riding technique, further develop your seat and hands, learn how to canter, ride your horse over poles etc.

We also recommend that novice riders join group lessons to build up their skills to ride confidently in the presence of other horses and riders. This is a basic and essential skill needed especially for those who want to participate in riding activities involving other riders such as competitions, events or trail rides. Group lessons are also great for riders to learn from each other and build strong supportive friendships.


Gallop also offers lessons for more experienced riders. These session will include lateral movements, more advanced schooling exercises and more focus on how to ride the horse more correctly and effectively. These lessons will include show jumping. Riders are also encouraged to ask their instructors if they have any particular area or subject they have questions on or are trying to work on.

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