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For persons with genuine financial challenges, full or partial subsidy is available. Usual rate: $40 / session.

What’s Coming Up

Gallop Land Carnival: Horse Hugs @ $3 per session (5 mins of facilitated up-close patting, feeding, hugging & photo taking of horse).

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Our Story

The first in Singapore, Rainbow Wish’s Horse Hugs (Equine-Assisted Wellbeing Programmes) are specially designed for alleviating depression in cancer or chronic illness sufferers, the socially disadvantaged and anyone who is sad, through interacting with horses.

Rainbow Wish is founded by Audrey, a breast cancer survivor who suffered years of severe depression due to battling cancer, and experienced the amazing therapeutic effects of whispering to horses. Having personally benefited from the love of these majestic yet gentle giants, Audrey is eager to share this form of non-intrusive therapy with anyone who is in need, and who has exhausted conventional therapies.

Our Products and Services

Designed in consultation with Pegasus ECT, the Experiential Counselling Techniques specialist from USA, Rainbow Wish focuses on the wellbeing of our participants. True wellbeing begins in the mind. Hence, Rainbow Wish uses horses to facilitate relaxing interactions to improve the mental wellbeing, confidence and happiness of participants. It comprises hugging, whispering, grooming & showering the horse, riding of horse, performing confidence-building activities with the horse and being nuzzled by the horse. The unconditional acceptance of the person by the horse is the beginning of a wonderful, trusting relationship between man and animal, and the start of healing for the distressed soul. Our programme is complementary to conventional mental health therapies. No medication is required.

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